Return Policy

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Refer to this page for service-specific refund policies offered .Within this document clients, customers, or client shall hereafter be referred to as “Client”.

Universal Statements Concerning Refunds & Cancellations

  • All deposits for services are non-refundable.
  • All cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing via US Mail or a signed, dated PDF letter sent via Email. No other methods will be accepted.

Website Design Refunds

Due to the availability of coding, graphics and template design during the website development process, it is nearly impossible for us to know if Client has downloaded local copies of the work that has been performed. Thus, no refunds can be given for invoices rendered and paid, yet Client will retain rights to all work that has received payment.

  • Should Client fail to initiate the creation process by not responding to requests for information within 30 days Client’s account will be considered inactive and the Project will terminate. No refunds or credits will be given for any payments made for work performed.
  • If Client cancels the project prior to commencement of design phase: 50% of “total fees,” defined as the Project Total Cost, will not ineligible for refund.
  • If Client cancels the project after design work has begun but prior to completion of finished work: 90% of Project Total Cost will be ineligible for refund.
  • If Client cancels the project after website has been coded and released for User Acceptance Testing (UAT): 100% of Project Total Cost will be ineligible for refund.
  • The Project Total Cost is defined as the total amount of the cost of the project based upon Client expectations and requests.
    • Example: Client requests IMGDesignz create a website for them. Client pays $1250 deposit. Client receives rough estimate of $2500 for entire site development and agrees to estimate. If Client cancels prior to design phase, then Client will be held responsible for up to $1250. If Client cancels after design work has begun but prior to completion, then Client may be held liable for up to $2500. If Client cancels during UAT phase, then Client will be held liable for the entire $2500.

Website Hosting & E-mail Solutions Refunds

  • All website hosting and e-mail only solutions have a 100% 30-day refund guarantee. What does this mean? If you are not satisfied with the hosting server on which your website or e-mail server resides and wish to cancel, you will get a 100% refund of your payments if you cancel prior to 30 days from the date your account was activated.
  • Refunds will be credited back to the payment method you elected during sign up. No checks will be sent. After 30-days, all cancellations will receive pro-rated refunds based upon payment schedule and payments made.
    • Example: Client paid for a full-year of our PI Grid Website Hosting Package ($150.00) and uses 45 days (1-½ months) of the service. Client will receive a refund for 10 months. Partial month usage is not refundable. Client will receive a pro-rated refund of $125.00.
  • This principle applies to all website hosting and e-mail solution packages.



Other Graphics Design Refunds

  • Based on the nature of copyright infringement and creative theft, all deposits are considered non-refundable.
  • Graphics design payment invoices will be sent final after completion of the initial proof of the requested graphic. All requests for refunds after initial proof has been sent to Client will not be honored.

Other product refund information

  • Domain names and SSL Certificates are not eligible for refunds. Cancellation is allowable through written explanation sent via Email or US Mail. Client domain name(s) and / or SSL certificate(s) will be valid until the purchased expiration date but will no longer be renewed.

NEW YORK STATE LAW BELOW – Credit to NY State Website    When shopping for a gift, consumers should be aware of store policies with respect to refunds, rebates and rainchecks. The Division of Consumer Protection provides these tips to inform and empower consumers. REFUNDS A store is legally required to post their refund policy. If the store does not post any return policy, the law requires the store to accept your return within 30 days of purchase. There is no requirement under NYS law for a store to offer a refund in the form of cash, credit, replacement merchandise or other means. Retailers must provide a written copy of the store’s refund policies available and disclose any fees associated with the return. REBATES Any advertisement featuring a rebate must clearly (1) feature the actual selling price and advise that a mail-in rebate is required in order to achieve any advertised lower net rebate price; and (2) disclose to consumers how the rebate will be returned to the consumer, either by for example, check, gift card or credit towards future purchase; and, (3) whether the consumer will incur any additional fees redeeming such rebates. RAINCHECKS NYS law does not currently regulate the provision of rainchecks. SUGGESTED STEPS TO TAKE & QUESTIONS TO ASK

  • Ask for a copy of the refund policy.
  • Ask if the store imposes a re-stocking fee for returned merchandise?
  • Ask if the merchandise has to be in a certain condition for the return to be accepted?
  • Save all receipts for purchases to allow for ease of returns.
  • Ask for details about the advertised rebate.
  • Does the store offer rainchecks? If yes, what are the terms and does it expire.
  • How does the store notify the customer when the product is available?

Note: Consumers should check with local consumer affairs authorities for additional protections in their jurisdictions.